48 new Hepatitis B & C patients added in...


48 new Hepatitis B & C patients added in the 2nd phase of Zakat

by admin

23 May 2015

Updated about 3 weeks ago
National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh (NLFB) launched its 2nd phase of free treatment of Hepatitis Patients from its Zakat Fund. Forty eight Hepatitis B & C patients received the treatment in this phase.
In the first phase of the program, twenty young patients of Hepatitis B & C received the treatment.

They will get the facilities of free consultation, laboratory services, imaging services and medications. It is expected that more patients will get the service in phases according to the availability of the fund.

Patients expressed thanks to the foundation for coming forward to help them for leading a healthy life.

Prof. Mohammad Ali, Secretary General, NLFB, expressed heartfelt gratitude to Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala) for offering the opportunity to the foundation for starting this Zakat Fund program for the hepatitis B & C patients.

He acknowledged every contributor of the Zakat Fund.

He also thanked the recipients of the fund for giving an opportunity to serve them.


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